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Experience the ultimate pleasure while discovering where health, relaxation, and design meet in an elegant, custom sauna designed by My Sauna Store.

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Small factoriesWATERSTAR
Simple equipped, backward technically, it is difficult to guarantee quality. We have complete production lines and quality management processes.
Without effective isolation on control circuit, bad dustproof, the risk quotiety is high. The control part of strong electricity is installed in the shielding box, and passed the pressure, leakage current, grounding resistance testing, it's Safe and reliable.
Cheap electronic accessories,high trouble rate, short life span. We use the TUV approved solid-state relay,it's safe, reliable and long service life, while reducing the complexity of the circuit.
Simple bulk power, strong electricity and weak electricity system are without effective isolation, poor circuit safety and stabilityWe use single-chip switching power supply, safe and reliable.
Strong electricity circuitry is connected by the wiring terminal, the installation is complexity We use connector for connecting strong electric part, security and simple
The panel behind the foot heater is plywood We use solid wood
Heater cover We use the steel plate network,and protect children against electricity shock.Much safer.
Ply wood for floor panel Solid wood for floor panel
The erect panel is ply wood The erect panel is solid wood
Strong electricity wires without any leakproof processing, it was directly exposed. The strong electricity wire was wrapped by the snake-style tube, and play a very good effect on the leakproof.